2018-2019 ski season in review

Members of Space Dogs Ski Club heading up Blueberry Hill. Dec 22, 2018

Last year when I wrote my final update, it was “What a great ski season!” Unfortunately I can’t say that this year. The snow was late in coming, and when it did arrive, we had that incredibly cold weather. So this winter will be remembered as one of those sports teams who win it all and end up in last place the next year, commonly known as “First to Worst.”

Wedge Connector Feb 7, 2019

Six months ago, on Oct 20, 2018, Frozen Thunder opened at the Canmore Nordic Centre. I’m not sure if the nordic centre will continue grooming this month, but we know that grooming is finished in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.

On the bright side, I don’t recall having to ski on a lot of tree debris or icy conditions, and we enjoyed many days of skiing under sunny skies which made for great photos.

Sandy McNabb Mar 7, 2019

I also enjoyed sking in some locations which I haven’t visited very often in past years including West Bragg Creek, Sandy McNabb, and Confederation golf course. Speaking of golf courses, I was thrilled to discover that  Strathmore golf course was dog-friendly. 

The Pipestone couch was a pleasant stop on a sunny day

Thanks for reading my blog, and a special thanks to everyone who submitted a trip report. 

I’m attaching some of my favourite pictures in the gallery below. Sprinkled among them are some photos from Chuck, Steve Riggs, and Gord Ferguson. If you’re reading here Gord, let me know where that photo was taken because I can’t remember. I’m guessing it was Burstall pass, but I’m not certain. 


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  1. Cheers Bob, really loved following along with your ski journey 🙂

  2. As you can see, many of us are still checking out your site almost daily for it is “our cyber ski community” and we all miss the ski season, especially seeing all those memorable photos again. I was encouraged to see that big snowfall so early in October up at Burstall; only 5+ months away. If Chuck ever writes his memoirs, I think the pic taken of him in the red chair with beer in hand, would make an awesome cover. Like Nancy and Paul, I tell people I am now in cycle mode and have been for the last month. It is all about the quality of the cold snow for me, so I can easily pass on Spring’s icy/slushy conditions. Give me -20 any day.
    Thank you Bob for all the work you put into this blog. I pray you get to spend a wonderful summer with Cheryl and Tessa. Maybe we should post a random date to all meet for the buffet at Silver Dragon in Banff. We could enjoy the Legacy Trail to get there, before all the tourists come. I am already trying to figure out what my next pair of light touring skis will be. Hugs to all, especially after the tragic avalanche and crevasse deaths this past few weeks has brought to our heartstrings.

  3. It was a good season, skiing a bunch with cheeky and Simona, an excellent fortuitous day skiing skogan pass in excellent conditions with helen as well as hitting a few spots I haven’t been to before and combining some camp fire cookouts with a ski day. Good times. Plus it was the year of satellite couches, bringing seating options to pipestone and Fairview. Definately worth doing again, especially the top end of pipestone.

  4. To echo Bob’s comment about the bluebird days, we had some really great late-season skiing at WBC and Sandy McNabb this year after the deep freeze was over and before meltdown – some of the best I can remember.

  5. A big thank you for another year of your website. It is always interesting and helpful to read the trip reports over morning coffee. We have had the bikes out frequently for a month now and we are looking forward to a great summer season. Cheers Paul

  6. Bob, Yes that photo was taken in the upper meadow just below Burstall Pass taken on October 4 2018. Remember that early snowfall?

    Thanks, Gord. I’ve updated the caption on the photo. -Bob

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