Six weeks to ski season – Welcome back!

Bill Milne trail near Ribbon Creek

I hope everyone has had a nice summer. We’ve barely had time to enjoy the fall colours and  now there’s a big snowfall in the forecast.

I’m adding a few pictures of the aspen trees in Kananaskis countrywhich were spectacular a few days ago. They hadn’t started losing their leaves but I imagine the wind and snow will soon take care of that. 

This is my first post under the new blog format. It was necessary to start using a new platform for a number of reasons. The old one was no longer functioning properly and there was no way to update it. 

I still have a few bugs to iron out, but the most important feature, the Trip Reports page, is alive and functioning. I can’t wait to start hearing about readers’ ski trips. 

Predictions from the “Big Four” weather forecasts show snowfall amounts ranging from 5 cm to 52 cm by Monday. Here are the averages:

Barrier Lake day use area

Sandy McNabb 37 cm

West Bragg Creek 32 cm

Kananaskis Village 29 cm

PLPP 26 cm

Calgary: 10 cm

Banff 17 cm

Lake Louise 5 cm

Pincher Creek 52 cm

Cypress Hills 30 cm

The “Big Four” include, Snow Forecast, Ventusky, and the Weather Network. 


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  1. Awesome! Bob’s blog is back, meaning we’ll ski soon. In fact, I had my XC ski season opened last night, 5K classic on a soccer field nearby! Never before I skied in September :o)

  2. Hi Bob! Glad you’re back at it & hope its been a good summer. Looking forward to all your great ski updates, and a great season ???

  3. Hey Bob… this new website looks great.
    Thanks for all your hard work during the summer.
    Hopefully, it won’t be six weeks to ski season!
    Only suggestion might be to expand the availability of the “Recent Comments” section (with maybe a “More… line) to facilitate those like me ensure they have not missed anything.
    Ski you soon!

    • Thanks, Chuck. That is one of the things that needs to be fixed if possible. I also want to have the comment box above the comments. When there are 300 trip reports, it’s inconvenient to scroll to the bottom to leave a comment. On the gear swap page, there are over 500 comments which you have to scroll through!

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