Canmore Nordic Centre update

Frozen Thunder. Photo by Peter Neumann

Peter Neumann skied on Frozen Thunder yesterday and provided the above photo and this short but descriptive report: 

“Much better than last week, hard packed and fast. Classic with wax very good.” -Peter Neumann

The colder weather makes for simpler and easier waxing on your classic skis.

Posted by Canmore Nordic Centre on Oct 29.

These cold nights are allowing snowmaking to proceed. Peter observed some snow piles which were ready to be spread out. 

Oct 31 is the final day to buy your Canmore Nordic Centre season passes at a 10% discount. 

There’s a significant snowfall in the forecast for Sunday/Monday. 

Backcountry skiers have been enjoying the powder in the Highwood Pass area:

“Conditions up at pocaterra ridge were (surprisingly) good for October! There was ~15cm of fresh snow on top of a crust. In the alpine, there was minor wind loading- but only under the ridges. Snow coverage was overall quite good, we hit only one rock per lap and some laps even none!”


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  1. Ah shit, that’s my photo hahahahaha!

  2. …for what this post is worth now, I did manage to kick of my elbows & ankles season opener on a Friday at CNC with a few dzn dizzying classic loops on my (really old) Peltenon 205’s. Was busy b/w 12-1pm but by mid afternoon it was almost deserted save for a youth team (from Sask I believe). Typically icy tracks esp in that steep 10’ ramp on the back loop. Around zero degrees & used vr55N mixed with a bit of 65 -mixed success but good technique tune in and as always, splendid return to winter!

  3. Thanks for the hot tip on pocaterra conditions. I rarely look at the MIN stuff, but should. Good to know, and might actually get me out. So thanks for the encouragement also. Forecast looks agreeable.

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