Frozen Thunder -groomed and trackset and in nice shape

Frozen Thunder at Canmore Nordic Centre

I had occasion to be in Canmore yesterday morning so I took a few pictures of Frozen Thunder at the Canmore Nordic Centre. It was early in the day, so I didn’t ski but I could see the high-performance athletes like the McKeevers in action. 

Access to Frozen Thunder is limited to national and provincial level athletes everyday until 12:00 noon.

Excellent classic track on Frozen Thunder

The first feature which struck me was the cleanliness of the snow. I didn’t see a speck of sawdust. The snow was cold with just a smatering of loose snow in the skating lane which had been kicked up by the early skiers.

There was an excellent track for classic skiers albeit icy. Klister, zero skis, and skins would have worked well but I don’t think fish-scale waxless would have been able to get much bite. The air temperature at 11:30 was +4°C. 

Impressive scenery at the Canmore Nordic Centre

 The first location where we usually get early snow is Lake Louise on Moraine Lake road and the Great Divide. Have you started the daily ritual of looking at the weather forecasts every morning? I see there are small amounts of snow predicted for the next week but not enough to do anything with. 

The Elk Pass contest will be back, starting next week. Elk Pass is usually the second location where we get early snow. Last year was relatively late, Dec 3. Here’s hoping for a much earlier start this year. It has been trackset as early as Nov 12. 

A biathlete cruises around Frozen Thunder. There is no classic track on the biathlon range.

The new-look blog

Is this blog displaying correctly on your computer or phone? One of the features of this revamped site is “responsiveness.” It’s supposed to adjust the look according to whatever device you’re viewing on. 

I’ve been discovering a few glitches which I hope are at a minimum now. You’ll notice the width of the ads on the sidebar are inconsistent. I’m slowly converting them over to the new, wider look. 

I’m happy to see that all the old posts are once again accessible. Near the end of last season when WordPress did their upgrade, many of them would no longer display at all.


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  1. Any word on when the pipestone trails might be accessible again Bob? No indication on line that I could find. Hoping the construction ends near the start of the ski season.

    • Hi MaSid,
      This is the info I found on the parks website. Hopefully they really do reopen in December!

      “Pipestone trails are closed to hiking, biking and horseback riding. Public parking is not permitted on Slate Road due to increased construction traffic. Mountain bikers can explore other local trails or those in nearby Yoho National Park. Skiing will resume in December 2019.”

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