Guess the Trail 2019

What trail is this?

Update: All trails have been correctly identified by readers so I’ve indicated the answers on the photos.

Every autumn while we’re waiting for ski season to begin, we play Guess the Trail. I’ve put a few easy ones in here to encourage you. I’ll be surprised if anyone can correctly identify #9 and #12.

There are identifying features in most of the photos that will help you figure them out. 

Posted below are the photos which are all numbered, 1 – 12.

Leave your answer in the comments. Click on the photos for a larger image. Good luck!!


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  1. #1 Blue berry hill junction from Elk pass trail
    #2 Junction on Fairview trail Lake Louise
    #3 Goat creek trail
    #6 mount shark
    #7 junction elk pass trail & Patterson
    #8 Bolton creek
    #10 Bolton creek and Whiskey Jack
    #11 Hydro line
    #12 Bolton creek and morrain junction

  2. 1. Bottom of Blueberry Hill
    2. Upper telemark and Peyto Junction behind the chateau
    3. Goat creek
    4. East end of Bow Creek Trail
    5. D/N
    6 1.5 km in to the 1A from the east parking lot.
    7 K. Country Elk Pass Patterson junction
    8. K Country moraine
    9 half way whiskey jack
    10 Banff Trail
    11 elk Pass summit
    12. CNC Wooded Bliss turn off

  3. Taking another stab at #5. That’s Bourgeau in the background (I’ve stopped here to take photos too) so, next up is Healy Creek.
    As for #12, would that be Wedge Connector to Evan Thomas?

    Both correct. I see your comment came in at the same time as Teresa’s, so I know you didn’t peek. In #12, the trail in the photo is Evan-Thomas. You follow it for about 200 metres to arrive at Wedge. -Bob

  4. 5. Healy Creek
    9. Telephone Loop
    12. Based on the hint as I’ve only been there once – Evan Thomas Fire Road

    All correct, congratulations! -Bob

  5. 1: Blueberry Yes
    2: Fairview Yes
    3: Goat Creek/Spray Yes
    4: Bow River Loop Yes, at Lake Louise.
    5: Sundance Trail
    6: Watridge Yes
    7: Elk Pass @ Patterson jct. Yes
    8: Moraine Yes
    9:??? Steve’s is a good guess, but I’ve yet to actually ski in Bragg. It’s on the hit list this winter for sure.
    10: CNC Steve correctly identified this as Terrace near Kananaskis Village.
    11: Bill Milne @ K-country golf course. Yes
    12: Upper Telemark?

    Still looking for 5, 9, 12.
    For #12, think of a trail where the grooming ends. We then have to negotiate an ungroomed trail in order to access another trail. -Bob

  6. Seven have been correctly identified. Still need 4, 5, 9, 11, 12.

  7. #2 Fairview
    #12 Fox Creek

    #2 is correct. It’s the Fairview split. -Bob

  8. #1 Blueberry Yes
    #3 Spray River (aka Goat Creek) Spray River east to be exact.
    #4 Pipestone
    #6 Mt Shark (Watridge Lake trail?) Yes
    #7 Elk Pass at Patterson Yes
    #8 Moraine Yes
    #9 Moose Loop
    #10 Terrace Yes. The snowcat is grooming a trail for skaters and/or the horse-drawn sleigh.
    #12 Kovach (south end where Terrace hiking trail continues on towards Galatea?)

    Good work, Steve. I’ve indicated in bold type the correct answers. You’re in the right vicinity with #9. -Bob

  9. #8 Moraine, PLPP
    #12 Ribbon Creek extension to the bike rack, at what used to be the 3rd bridge
    #11 Braille
    #10 Canmore Nordic Centre main trail?
    my guesses….

    Moraine, PLPP is indeed #8. (Not to be confused with Moraine Lake road in Lake Louise). -Bob

  10. Are these all last years photos or random season?
    If random,#12 might be Pipestone #9 #12 Iron Springs?

    Wrong on both counts but nice try. I took these photos in the winter of 2017-18, the year we had lots of snow and wonderful conditions. -Bob

  11. #9 West Bragg Creek, Mountain Road
    #12 Skogan Pass trailhead near Nakiska
    just guessing 🙂

    Thanks for playing, but I said they’d be difficult. Try again! -Bob

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