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Nov 18, 2019

A groomed ski trail after the horses went through(Photo from Sandy McNabb, March 2019)

Horseback riders are entitled to ride on the ski trails at West Bragg Creek until Nov 30. Of course, as we see every year, a few of them make sure to exercise their rights, making a mess of the groomed trails in the process. 

Have you been following the discussion on the trip reports regarding this issue?

Groomer Bill has responded with polite, reasonable,  helpful comments, and this one wins the day…

I think Darcy like many other equestrian riders are frustrated with their dwindling range to practice their sport. They are being pushed out of many areas. WBC is one of the very few places in Alberta where all these outdoor activities are welcome and encouraged.

We are trying to make WBC a showcase area to show people how we can all co-exist. This exercise is invariably going to have conflicts and growing pains. The idea is to talk about our issues in a fair and reasonable manor and solve them as best we can. Everyone needs to show tolerance and respect for their fellow users and the trails. Show people we can work together to make WBC an amazing facility for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Snow on the way



“A low pressure system moving into Alberta tonight will bring snowfall accumulations of 10 to 15 centimetres for parts of the province on Tuesday. Snow will begin later tonight in southwestern Alberta, and will track eastward early Tuesday morning. Snow will taper off by Wednesday morning as the system moves through Saskatchewan.”

I’ve studied the forceasts from, Mountain Forecast, Weather Network, and Ventusky, and it predicts the most snow in the front ranges which includes West Bragg Creek. Calgary, Strathmore and the Cypress Hills should also be on the receiving end of about 10 cm. 

Lesser amounts are forecast for Lake Louise, PLPP, and Banff. 


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  1. Hallo folks:
    I have strong evidence to prove that Darcy is a petulant git, there is plenty of trails adjacent to Hwy 66, all the way to the powderface and beyond, we can estimate at least 250km. categorized as multiuse where horses , hikers, mountain bikers and so on have shared the trails for decades with no conflict whatsoever or very little.
    I agree very strongly with Scott, what equestrians leave on the SKI trails speaks very much about how much respect they have for other users and I do not have any sympathy for them even if I adore horses.
    About Groomer Bill’s comment, although I have an immense respect for him and the dedication for all the work, unpaid, that he has gobbled up for us all, I am a little concerned about his own self respect, to accept the theory of frustration form a jerk who has no consideration for his dedication is not a good sign, some people need to be told quite bluntly where they belong, it just takes a little more assertiveness and I hope, in the future, if he is confronted by another one of them disrespectful individuals, he would at least consider taking lic. plate and information to be reported to the authorities so a change of behavior would perhaps take place.

  2. I think that picture sums things up as to why equestrian users are being pushed out of numerous areas. The horses trash the trails for other groups and leave manure all over the trails – not a great experience for the majority of users

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