Fantastic Friday night update

Joanna arrives at the Elk Pass/Blueberry Hill junction. Photo from Dec 2017.

What a great weekend it promises to be in the SkierBob empire. Lots of good news about new tracksetting, and spectacular photos of beautiful ski trails. Let’s get started…

Elk Pass Contest Winner

I had an inkling we’d see some tracksetting this week when I posted the Elk Pass Contest Update a few days ago. Elk Pass should look similar to the above photo with Joanna. This is four days earlier than last year. 

Telephone trail at West Bragg Creek was trackset today

The PLPP Live Grooming Report and MaSid’s first-hand observation have confirmed that Elk Pass is trackset. We know the name of the first winner. Nick was the first to pick the date. In fact, he was the third entrant in the contest and made his guess way back on Oct 26. Congratulations!

Upper Pocaterra. Photo by Nick

Nov 29 was a popular guess with eight others also guessing that date. All those names will be entered in a draw for the second winner. They are: Tom Malaher, Adam, Shulamit Kuttner, Barbara Mathies, Marta, Barbara, Rhonda Wilson, and Brett. I will get someone to pick a name next time I’m out on the ski trail. 

Update Dec 2: Brett was the second winner. 

In addition to yesterday’s tracksetting in PLPP, these trails were trackset today:

  • Elk Pass
  • Blueberry Hill
  • Patterson
  • The Lower Lake trail has been groomed. 

Yoho Valley Road. Photo by Chuck

For more details, check the PLPP Live Grooming Report. 

Tomorrow, Saturday, is the last day where you can access Upper Pocaterra via the Back Door(aka Lionel). 


Mountainview at West Bragg Creek. Photo by Steve Riggs.

West Bragg Creek Update from Groomer Jeff:

All trails under the supervision of the GBCTA have been groomed and track set Conditions are excellent and should last for a while with the cooler temperatures. Big shout out to Groomers David, Bill and Dan whom all put in big days this week to get the trails groomed in time for the weekend.

Telephone trail was trackset today at WBC. You might see Steve Riggs if you go there tomorrow. 


A beautiful sight along Yoho Valley Road. Photo by Chuck

Sandy McNabb

I was thrilled to get the trip report from Sheila saying there was two feet of snow on the trails(60 cm). I’m assuming the grooming will take place on or soon after Dec 1. The horses are not allowed on the trails after that date. The horses are less likely to go on the ski trails if they are left ungroomed until Dec 1. 

Canmore Nordic Centre

The CNC trail report indicates the natural snow on Meadowview and Banff Trail(partial) have been groomed(not trackset), but are in poor condition. Only the back half of Banff Trail has been roller packed and groomed – from junction 9, the meadow to the end of property, accessible from Meadowview only. The front half still has snowmaking equipment and is closed. 

There’s a biathlon event all weekend at CNC, so it might be crowded.


Strathmore golf course. Rock skis are required.

Yoho Valley Road

The YVR was trackset yesterday and appears wonderful from the looks of Chuck’s photos. I said on my report yesterday there was a spectacular surprise around every turn, and Chuck’s photos confirm it. 

Other places with skiable snow:

Confederation golf course in Calgary.

Numerous trails at Lake Louise are trackset and in nice shape including Moraine Lake road, the Great Divide, Tramline, Bow River loop, Campground Loop, and Townsite. 

The Strathmore golf course has been roller-packed but has some thin spots. Rock skis recommended. 


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  1. Elk pass: the big hill up and down both ways was perfect corduroy. Excellent smooth fast turns on the way back to the car. Tracks and grooming set up well. No open water or bumpy undulating bits like tyrwhitt a week back. Fast tracks and probably faster tomorrow. Didn’t get much shovelling work done on the couch due to lack of snow for blocks, just more compaction and some biffy building. Next snowfall should produce some bench seating. And congrats to nick of course! Friday is the day to pick.

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