Grooming progress report

Kananaskis Village trails. Photo by Tracksetter Jeff

Thank you to everyone who has provided intel on the trails. 

Update Nov 8: Kananaskis Village trails

Tracksetter Jeff from Ribbon Creek/Kananaskis Village took the above photo while rolling the Kananaskis Village trails yesterday and send this report:

“The Village trails have received up to 15 Cm of snow. All of the Village trails were rolled yesterday. Hopefully after today’s warm blast we will have enough of a firm base to get the season started.”

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

Snowmobile packing has occurred on elk Pass. When will we see tracksetting as in the above photo from 2018?

Thanks to Yaro, we know that snowmobile packing has started in PLPP. Snowmobile packing is only the first step. With another snowfall, these trails may see the snowcat putting down corduroy. Yet another snowfall will be required to trackset. Snowmobile packing leaves a lot of ridges and uneven surfaces, so be careful if you ski here.

PLPP posted the following announcement and does not recommend skiing at this time:

“Nov 7th: During the past week, an average of about 10cm’s of snow has fallen at lower elevations in PLPP, with a little more accumulation over higher elevations, especially in the south end of the ski trail system; much of the recent snow accumulation fell on bare ground. Most of the south end ski trails were snowmobile packed on Nov. 6th and 7th, including Elk Pass, Hydroline, Tyrwitt, Lookout, Patterson, Whiskey Jack, Pocaterra above (south of) Packers, and Fox Creek and Morraine. The packed base is extremely thin in most areas and a full array of early season natural hazards exists throughout. These hazards include exposed ground, rocks, and brush, bumps and uneven surfaces, as well open water. Skiing is not recommended until further snow has accumulated.”

Lake Louise

The Great Divide and Tramline have been roll-packed. I’m pleased to hear from Helen and Barb that no construction machinery was seen on Moraine Lake road today. Hopefully this means we’ll see grooming machinery soon. 

West Bragg Creek

The core trails at West Bragg Creek have been groomed and trackset. The remainder of the trails have all been roll-packed. We enjoyed three good days of skiing but the warm weather has made the snow wet. Let’s hope the weather forecast is correct and we’ll see the cooler weather and some snow on the weekend. 

Canmore Nordic Centre

Frozen Thunder is going strong at the Canmore Nordic Centre. The upcoming cold weather will allow for lots of snow-making. 

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