Guess the trail 2019 Game #2

Nov 2, 2019
According to the weather forecasts, it looks like we’ll be seeing some  snow starting Sunday. I hope it materializes so I can post photos of the trails without any guessing involved.

In the mean time, here are 20 photos of trails in the SkierBob domain. How many can you recognize? (Spoiler alert: One trail is pictured 3 times from different angles, and another is pictured twice.).

This game includes photos from far and wide in the SkierBob empire, from Calgary to Yoho, from Sandy McNabb to Banff. Most photos include a mountain, a sign, or a feature which is unique to the specific trail. 

The photos are numbered from 1-20. Leave your guess in the comments. 


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  1. Is #10 at Pipestone?

    Yes, it’s near the north end of the #20 Pipestone Loop. -Bob

  2. Is number 12 the Emerald River trail? In Yoho?
    I’ve never actually skied that trail, maybe it’s time?

    That’s it! The official name is the Emerald Connector. -Bob

  3. #20 Ribbon Creek

    Correct. Ribbon Creek was pictured in photos 5, 9, and 20. I miss that trail. – Bob

  4. Well, I guess I need to notice bridges more!
    How about:

    6. Goat Creek? Yes. There’s two of these single-railing bridges on the first 7K of Goat Creek.
    10. Pipestone – outer loop Yes. Near the north end.

    Obviously I need to get out skiing more!

    Both are correct. Who wants to take a stab at #12 and #20? -Bob

  5. Gabriel and Diana have made a big dent in identifying the trails, but we’re still searching for #6, 10, 12, 20.

  6. Okay, I’ll have a go!

    2. Tramline Yes
    4. Spray River Yes, Spray River West to be precise
    6. Redearth Creek No. Only one trail has those unique bridges.
    8. Pocaterra Yes.
    10. Fairview No
    12. ???
    13. Goat Creek Yes. The start of the steep hill down to the Goat Creek bridge at 7K.
    14. Wedge Connector Yes
    15. Bill Milne Yes
    17. Confederation Yes

    Some of those have to be right?? Good job! – Bob

  7. 1 is Elk Pass
    3 is Moraine Lake Road with Mt Temple in the background
    5 and 9 are Ribbon Creek
    7 has Castle Mountain in it…Baker Creek to Castle Junction? I should ski there sometime
    11 is the shoreline trail at Lake Louise with Mt Lefroy in the background
    15 is Evan Thomas? Should ski there more often, it’s been years
    16 and 17 are Bowness Park in Calgary
    18 is the trail leaving the parking lot at Sandy Mcnabb beside Long Prairie Creek.
    19 is Hawkridge…nostalgia

    You’re off to a pretty good start. Most were correct. Try again on #15 and #17.
    #11 is simply known as “Lake Louise.” The shoreline trail is actually on the shore.
    I should point out the portions of the Ribbon Creek trail shown in #5 and #9 no longer exist. These are near the trailhead and they were destroyed in the 2013 floods. -Bob

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