Lake Louise and West Bragg update

Great Divide at Lake Louise. Photo by Chuck

Nov 13, 2019

The trip reports have imparted valuable information about the condition of the ski trails. Thank you to everyone who submitted a report.

West Bragg Creek

From Philippe’s day at West Bragg, it sounds like icy conditions in the morning and wet snow later in the day. Let’s hope the base survives until we get more snow and cooler weather. Unfortunately the weather forecast doesn’t look too promising.

Great Divide. Photo by Chuck

Lake Louise

“Lots of people enjoying the good skiing.”  – Ray Perrott

Moraine Lake road was trackset this afternoon according to CA’s report. It sounds like the temperatures are favourable for waxable skis. Ray had sub-zero temperatures for his ski trip between 10 am – 1 pm. 

Chuck was having a good day on the Great Divide. Look at the photos. 

Some additional grooming and tracksetting has occurred at Lake Louise. The following remarks have been posted on the Banff trail report:

UPPER & LOWER TRAMLINE – Single trackset classic; BOW RIVER LOOP – Machine packed only; CAMPGROUND LOOP – Groomed. NOV. 10

The weather forecast predicts sub-zero temperatures for the forseeable future in Lake Louise, so the snow should survive. There is significant snowfall predicted for Lake Louise on Sunday. 

The ski conditions at Lake Louise are reported on the Banff Trail Report. Scroll down almost to the bottom of the report to see the Lake Louise conditions. 

Unless something dramatic happens to the weather, it looks like Lake Louise will be the place to ski this weekend. For Calgarians, it’s a long drive, so why not take advantage of the Mountaineer Lodge’s special deal for early season skiers. They are offering $50 off your room rate until Nov 28.

Lost and Found

I received this email from a skier who was at Moraine Lake road today:

“There was a pair of what looked like Men’s overboot warmers left at the bottom of the Moraine Lake Road today.    The day was ending and other skiers said the boots were there since at least  11:30 am.   They were brought to the Parks Canada Lake Louise Info Bureau.”

Sovereign Lakes Nordic Centre

It’s not in the SkierBob realm, but I know a lot of my readers visit Sovereign Lakes in Vernon, BC for early-season skiing. They opened today with limited terrain(18K). 

West Yellowstone

They’re still waiting for snow at West Yellowstone. It better come soon, because their major event, the Yellowstone Ski Festival is scheduled to begin on Nov 26. 

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