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Sundre ski trails are trackset

Nov 30, 2019

I wanted to let everyone know about another place to ski, Sundre, which is just over an hour north of Calgary. 

They received a lot of snow recently and have groomed and trackset a  number of trails along the Red Deer river and in a local park. This update has been posted on the Sundre Bike and Ski website:

Nov 29: Ski classic tracks have been set throughout town! Snakehill, Poo Flats, and the Red Deer River valley have been set in addition to the link from the hiway 27 bridge to bearberry creek bridge. Early season ski conditions are really awesome!

Keith Bagnall came across an unusual sight while skiing at West Bragg Creek and took the photo below. I often thought it would be nice to get dropped off at the top of Skogan Pass.

“Unusual to find a helicopter parked on a snowy field beside Mtn. View trail.” – Keith Bagnall

On the trip reports, Cheeky made the following remark about his ski trip in PLPP:

“Descending on Hydroline: Screamer”

It reminded me of this video where it felt like I was flying down Hydroline on a perfect day with blue skies and cold snow(and jet-propelled skis):


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  1. See any ski tracks coming from the helicopter? looks like the same one I saw last year up at elk pass, beside the hydroline on the BC side. I spoke to the pilot and guest last year. Brought a date out to go for a quick ski! So sent them to the couch and the meadows for a bit more romantic setting. I returned to the couch the long way around, and there they were. I didn’t linger, so can only speculate on the outcome, but perhaps they still go skiing together. (-:

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