“Should have used my fast skis” -Steve

Mountainview trail at West Bragg Creek. Photo by Steve Riggs

Nov 10, 2019

Thanks for all the wonderful trip reports. I’m happy to see that last night’s snow has rejuvenated the West Bragg Creek and Lake Louise trails. 

This is Steve Riggs’ report from West Bragg Creek:

“It seems like I arrived later than most of the previous reporters at WBC this afternoon, finding the trailhead area moderately busy at 2:30,  and a bunch of fresh tracksetting. I skied a route that took in most of the “core” trails: West Sundog-East Crystal-East Sundog-Loggers-Mountainview-Mountain Road-Moose Connector-Lower West Crystal-Middle West Crystal-and finally Upper West Crystal. All great with very few hazards- I was regretting being on my slow rock skis, as I would have had no worries about using my much faster “best” skis. East Sundog, Loggers and Middle Crystal were skier tracked (but skied very well), the remainder were groomed and trackset. As I was on Loggers- I had to take yet another “Winter Wonderland” picture.”

See Steve’s Winter Wonderland photo.

East Crystal Line at West Bragg Creek. Photo by Groomer Dave.

It looks like most areas of Kananaskis received around 10 cm of new snow, so we may see some additional grooming this week. Have you entered the Elk Pass contest?

At Lake Louise, Moraine Lake road was trackset for the first time today. The Great Divide was also trackset.

Lake Louise is a long drive from Calgary, so it’s nice to stay overnight. Mountaineer Lodge is offering skiers $50 off  until Nov 28. 

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