Snowmageddon Day 2

Hostel Meadow at West Bragg Creek. Photo by Groomer Jeff

Update from Groomer Jeff at West Bragg Creek Nov 27 @ 5:15 pm:

“48 hrs of snow and counting…Groomers have been literally going the extra mile over the last two days trying to keep up with the white stuff.

All 65 km of ski trail have been roller packed and the following trails have been track set:

Hostel Meadow, West Crystal, East Crystal, Sundog, Loggers, and Mountain Road to Moose Connector.

Track setting will continue for the next two days on the non core trails.

Should be a fantastic week of skiing and don’t forget to donate, we can’t do it without you!!”

We always wish for a big snowfall in November followed by cold weather. It’s happening! I wish PLPP, Ribbon Creek and Banff would have received more, but let’s count our blessings. 

The PLPP Live Grooming Report has been updated:

“On Tuesday and Wednesday, 5 to 7 cm of snow fell at lower elevations in the north end of the PLPP ski trails, with more accumulation over higher elevations in the south end of the ski trail system. The packed base is very thin in many areas at lower elevations, but has started to improve somewhat at higher elevations.”

Check the PLPP Live Grooming Report for more details. 

Nakiska reported 10 cm overnight and it continues to snow, so perhaps Ribbon Creek, Kananaskis Village and Bill Milne trails will receive enough to start packing. 

Thanks to Ken, we know that Lake Louise received 2 cm overnight. 

West Bragg Creek Update from Groomer Bill:

“Here is a picture of Groomer Dave from our track setting today.

Lots of snow!!!!! It’s a slog to get it all packed but it is going to be awesome!!

Looks like lots more snow tonight. More roller packing tomorrow!” 

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