The “back door” of Pocaterra

How to access the “back door” to Pocaterra

Thanks to Helen for coining this new term to describe accessing Upper Pocaterra from Hwy 40 before the barricade goes up on Dec 1.

We’re all anxious to have additional places to ski so it’s been interesting to hear the trip reports from skiers who have been on Pocaterra. 

From Helen’s report, it sounds like Pocaterra between Packers and Whiskey Jack is in nice shape. It has been rolled but not trackset. Below Packers, Helen says it’s thinner but skiable with caution to the Lynx junction.

M & J went south beyond the grooming and reported some good skiing on Tyrwhitt:

Skiing Tyrwhitt was glorious, there are a few tiny creeks that one must negotiate, but if you stay to the side where there is heavier snow, it is perfectly fine.  Thanks to JR for the report and for the trail breaking, we had a fantastic day.

I see from the PLPP Live Grooming report that Lynx and Amos were rolled today. 

West Bragg Creek has survived for another day according to Alf’s, Steve’s and MaSid’s reports. 

Ian and Darlene experienced fantastic conditions on Moraine Lake road today. The trail report indicates the dog-friendly Campground Loop at Lake Louise has been trackset. 

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