The Moraine Lake Road skiers’ convention?

Moraine Lake road. Photo by Chuck

Nov 20, 2019

I was going to post an update on West Bragg Creek, but we already have six trip reports from WBC including some excellent photos from Alf. I’ll post my photos later at the bottom of this update. 

Chuck sends in some incredible photos over the course of the winter, so I wanted to highlight the one above. Amazing photo, thanks Chuck.

Chuckley and Chuck on Moraine Lake road

The photo at the right includes Chuck himself. Thanks to Chuckley for the picture. I don’t know if Chuckley realizes what a big accomplishment it is to get a photo of the notorious but elusive Chuck.



Check the PLPP Live Grooming Report to see which trails were roller packed today. I was surprised to see Lower Pocaterra in the green. I imagine rock skis would be needed for this stretch. Be sure to read the remarks and warnings. 

There’s probably more snow on the higher elevation trails. Thanks to JR for his trip report and for reminding us that Upper Pocaterra is accessible by road until Nov 30.

Hunters at West Bragg Creek

Did you see the comment from Arie? I guess WBC truly is a multi-use area. 

“Today I saw two hunters carrying rifles on East Crystal Line. What are the rules for hunting at WBC? It’s a busy area with lots of people around.”

Below are the photos I took at WBC today.

It was -4°C when I arrived at 2:30 pm and -6 when I left, so you know the snow did not deteriorate today. I’ve looked at three forecasts and the consensus is that it will be above zero tomorrow, maybe around +5.

Not only were the skiing conditions great, but I met a few dogs – two before leaving the parking lot! Meghan was taking her beautiful dog Meeka for her first ever ski trip. 

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