Warm weather at West Bragg Creek

Bill and Deirdre on Crystal Line West

Further to Tanya’s report from West Bragg, the snow was already starting to get wet at 12 noon. I started out on wax but after about 20 minutes of marginal grip, I went back and changed over to waxless.

I met Bill and Deirdre on Crystal Line West at 12:15 pm. They started out around 9:30 a.m. and had cold snow for the morning. 

Mountain road

The temperature was zero when I started at noon, and was +3 when I left around 2 pm. The conditions look wonderful in the photos, but rest assured, the snow was wet. The snow is also melting from the trees and dripping onto the trails. 

It was a good day for socializing. With all the dogs I met, the day would have been a success without any skiing. 

Ray checking his new gloves. Photo by Chip

From Helen’s trip report, it would appear the temperature at Lake Louise stayed below zero today. Chuck was skiing the Great Divide and left a report with excellent photos. 

Chip sent an email with the photo of Ray at the right. He remarked…

“Ray and I skied for about 2 hrs in West Crystal Line, Moose and Mountain View. All in very good shape, but for a few wet spots. Here are some images of Ray. He’s wondering if he bought a glove that’s a might too big.”

Knowing Chip and Ray, I expect they were on the trails at first light enjoying the cold snow. 

It’s going to be very warm tomorrow(Friday), so be prepared with waxless skis or klister. The weather turns cooler on Saturday with some new snow in the forecast, so conditions should improve. 


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  1. West Bragg Creek- black ice on road treacherous!
    We intended to ski West Bragg today but were held up by emergency personnel as there was a car in ditch due to crash.

    After waiting & getting a boost from a couple of kind fellas who stopped to help, we decided to ski when the roads were better.

    Sharon & Nancy

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