West Bragg Creek – aka Winter Wonderland

Loggers Loop at West Bragg Creek

On this Remembrance Day, I am grateful for all those who sacrificed to insure my freedom to enjoy the incredible beauty and wonderful conditions at West Bragg Creek today. It was fitting that I should meet a friendly dog named Poppy on Iron Springs.

JoAnne and her friendly dog Kirby at the Sundog – East Crystal junction.

Sorry I missed MaSid who was skiing different trails, but he summarized it well on his trip report:

“Excellent early season conditions with sunny skies and mild weather.”

Climbing the steep hill on Iron Springs heading south.

I did a 12K loop which included East Crystal, Sundog, Iron Springs, Elbow, Loggers, and West Crystal. All were trackset, the snow was cold enough for waxable skis, and the downhills were easy to negotiate with all the snow. 

I followed Steve’s advice and used good skis. There were a few places where it looked like there might be dirt or an embedded rock in the track, but these were easy to avoid. 

Beautiful scenery and conditions on Iron Springs

It was nice to see a lot of familiar faces and dogs. Lots of dogs! I managed to get the names of a few of them which you can see in the photo gallery below. West Bragg Creek is unique for the fact that dogs are allowed to run off-leash on the trails. They are required to be on-leash in the parking lot. 

When I arrived at 11:45 a.m. the temperature was -5°C and upon my departure around 2 pm it was zero. I made sure I skied Iron Springs first thing because it has a lot of sun-exposed areas. The remainder of the trails were mostly in shade. 

The road to the trailhead is snow-covered but it was no problem. Lots of traffic, though. I’m sure glad the parking lot has been expanded. 

Chuck was at Moraine Lake road today, and it looks pretty sweet. Check his trip report for the photos. 

West Bragg Creek is an amazing place for skiers when the conditions are like they were today. If you enjoy skiing at WBC consider making a donation. 


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  1. At West Bragg today, I heard someone use the term, “dog jam” to describe the need to slow down for dog crowded areas. And for areas where groups of people were gathered to chat with Skier Bob, I heard the term, “Bob jam!” Fun times at West Bragg Creek! So great to see lots of people out!

  2. I would have been there today, save for my tradition of attending services at the Cenotaph with an old friend. Hopefully, the temps stay low enough to sneak out with a headlamp after work this week.

  3. Moose and both the Mountainviews were in great condition today as well. And yes- I used the good skis, and was glad I did. Such an amazing afternoon of skiing! Hats off to all the dedicated West Bragg volunteers.

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