More trails have been trackset

Wedge Connector. Photo by Tracksetter Jeff

Dec 11, 2019

Bill Milne and Wedge Connector

We have a lot of new choices when it comes to trackset trails. I received the above photo from Ribbon Creek Tracksetter Jeff. The trail report gives these remarks:

Bill Milne is groomed only to Wedge Pond. The trail is skiable for the entire length but very thin in places. Expect to hit ski poles on pavement. Wedge Connector is single track set for approximately half of the trail. The rest is groomed only.

The Bill Milne trail can be started from Kananaskis village, Ribbon Creek, or Wedge Pond. The above photo was taken out the back window of the Ribbon Creek snowcat. 

Redearth Creek. Photo by Chuck

Redearth Creek

Thanks to Chuck’s trip report, we know that Redearth Creek is trackset for 7K. The tracksetting does not continue past the campground. Chuck said there are no rocks on the first kilometre, which is unusual for this trail. When looking at Chuck’s photos, remember to read the captions for more details. 


The Live Grooming Report has been updated and now shows many more trails with tracksetting and grooming. 

In addition to Elk Pass, Blueberry, Hydroline and Patterson, the following have been trackset:

  • Pocaterra from Lynx junction to Tyrwhitt.
  • Whiskey Jack
  • Wheeler
  • Lookout, both north and south.

Jo, Piper, and Nancy enjoying the perfect weather and ski conditions on the Iron Springs trail, at West Bragg Creek. Photo by Steve Riggs

Tyrwhitt has fresh grooming.

A number of trails in the north end have been groomed.

Maple Ridge golf course has been groomed and partially trackset. Thanks to Courtney and Janice for the reports. 

Superb conditions at West Bragg Creek

There’s nothing new here. The photo taken by Steve Riggs at West Bragg Creek is becoming almost a daily thing. As Steve says, “Superb.”

I’ll have an update later on Bow River Loop at Lake Louise with some photos that might rival Steve’s. What an incredible early season we are enjoying. 

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