Sunday night update

The Strathmore golf course has been roller-packed. See video at the bottom of this update. 

The list of places where I can ski is growing faster than I can keep up with. What an excellent early season this is shaping up to be. 

Cascade Valley (file photo)

The trails in Banff are starting to come on stream. Cascade Valley has been trackset to Stoney Creek(14.5K). I hope the snowshoers didn’t do too much damage. 

Redearth Creek was snowmobile packed yesterday, so maybe last night’s snowfall will be enough to do some grooming. 

Near the summit of Long Distance. Photo by Steve Riggs

At Lake Louise, more snow overnight has resulted in new tracksetting today on Moraine Lake road, Great Divide, and Tramline.

At West Bragg Creek, Steve Riggs cobbled together a unique loop consisting of Telephone ski trail, fatbike trails, and snowshoe trails. Read his trip report for details and to see what style of skis he used(and to see more spectacular photos). 

Confederation Golf Course

Dec 8 Update from Jamie Grant…

The blue and purple trails were groomed this morning. Track was set on most of the blue trail. Purple was groomed for skate.

Hostel Loop. Photo by Groomer Jeff

Tonight the yellow and green trails are being groomed and trackset.

Some thin spots still exits especially around trees so be careful of hazards.

I imagine the West Bragg Creek Groomers will be doing a night shift so the trails should be in great shape tomorrow. According to the weather forecast, the temperatures at West Bragg will be sub-zero for the next two weeks.

Dec 9 Update from West Bragg Creek: Most of the trails have been groomed and trackset. Hostel Loop was trackset Monday morning. The photo at the right was sent in by Groomer Jeff.

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