Wednesday night news

Whiskey Jack. Photo by Chuck

The beautiful photo of a Whiskey Jack was taken today by Chuck. 

First thing on the list is last night’s question about the numbers on the map. Steve Riggs was the only one to give it a shot. While Steve came up with a plausible answer, it wasn’t quite the correct one. Here’s the answer from Tracksetter Darwyn:

“It is a location marker. Each sign has a unique number that can be relayed to rescue personnel in the case of an emergency.”

Cascade Valley

Take note of Corrina’s trip report regarding Cascade Valley. A “sporty” descent indeed! You may want to wait until it gets groomed again. 


Shadow Lake Lodge. Photo from Feb 5, 2016

Shadow Lake Lodge changes ownership

Brewster family passes historic Shadow Lake Lodge to the Alpine Club of Canada

  • Historic Shadow Lake Lodge has been proudly operated by the Brewster family for four generations
  • The Alpine Club of Canada adds Shadow Lake Lodge to the largest network of backcountry huts in North America
  • Shadow Lake Lodge will be the first catered accommodation offered by the ACC

I wonder if ACC will take over the tracksetting on Redearth Creek?

Update from Golden Nordic Ski Club:

Dawn Mountain Trail Report
Trails were early season perfect today and we have snow in the forecast. We could receive up to 29 cm between now and Saturday! this will set us up for skifantastic holiday season.

Rental Shop
The rental shop opens fulltime this Friday and we look so very forward to seeing the team back in place again!

Snow on the way

As mentioned in the Golden Nordic update, there is significant snow in the forecast for the mountains on Friday and Saturday, and more for certain areas on Sunday:

Snow Forecast predicts for Friday and Saturday…

  • 16 cm for PLPP.
  • 7 cm for Ribbon Creek.
  • 24 cm for Lake Louise. 
  • 1 cm for West Bragg Creek

Now here’s some wishful forecasting. predicts by Sunday…

  • 25 cm for West Bragg Creek 
  • 40 cm for Ribbon Creek 
  • 53 cm for Elk Pass
  • 35 cm for Canmore


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  1. Then they should put that on e the map so people know what it means! In case of a situation. Meh, maybr I’m gettin’ old

  2. Skied Cascade Fire Road today. First few km have lots of debris and some filled-in spots in the tracks where the wind has blown the snow. Tracks are in pretty poor shape lower down thanks to the warm temps these past few days. Once you get to the top of the big hill it’s a different world – snow laden trees and the tracks are good all the way to the bridge at about 6.5km. However, 3 snowmobiles transporting a new outhouse (and associated staff and tools to install it) drove up the trail between the tracks beyond the bridge (to where we do not know) making the downhill on the way back somewhat sporty! We were on classic skis, and wouldn’t have fancied our chances skating in the snowmobile tracks! Won’t ski this again until the fresh snow (and the groomer!) come through.

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