2.4 hours of adrenaline at WBC

West Bragg Creek

West Bragg Creek will be the site of a new, fun event. I received the following information from Flora:

“We have a fun new family friendly event scheduled in West Bragg on Sat Feb 8th. It’s called 2.4 hours of adrenaline Fruit Loops (that’s two-point-four hours). Start time is 9am.”

More details on our website 

Registration is on Zone4

Jan 28, 2019

Tracksetting in PLPP last night included Tyrwhitt, Hydroline, Lookout, and a short section of Elk Pass from the trailhead to the first Hydroline junction. 

Update: It looks like PLPP did a second shift on the snowcat. The trails on the west side of the road were trackset including Lodgepole, Braille, Sinclair. 

Confederation golf course update:

“Monday night the driving range including the stadium was groomed. Double tracks set around the outside and an 8 lane training grid up the middle. The skate lanes on the yellow and green trails were re-groomed as well. Skate skiing conditions are great. Tracks will be hard in fast in the morning and softening up as the days warm.”

Get ready for another large snowfall. All weather forecasts are calling for significant snow this weekend throughout the SkierBob universe including Calgary. 

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