Pocaterra – groomed all the way

Jan 5, 2020

Pocaterra trail was trackset in its entirety last night. Rolly Road, Come-Along, and Lynx were also trackset. 

The trail report remarked “just a trace of snow during the grooming period.”

Friday night’s grooming in the south end will have around 10+ cm of new snow over top.

There shouldn’t be any waxing problems today. According to the Weather Network, it’s -9°C at Boulton Creek this morning with an expected high of -4. 

Tracksetting has been a challenge for the trail crews in PLPP. The big snowfall event brought down a lot of trees which require clearing and it slows the grooming operations. The truck which pulls the trailer had mechanical difficulties, and the snowcat itself had mechanical problems. Hopefully most of those issues are behind us although we know there are still trees to be cleared on other trails.

There were trails in other locations groomed on Saturday as well:

Banff: Spray River West and Goat Creek.

Lake Louise: Moraine Lake Rd, Great Divide, Lower Telemark, Tramline,Townsite, Shoreline, Lake.

West Bragg Creek: Some trails at WBC were trackset. Check the Live Grooming Report. 

An update from Ribbon Creek/Kananaskis Village: “Jan 3 No new grooming due to extreme winds and double digit warm temperatures. Once this system has passed through crews will be out refreshing the trails. Expect wind blown trails, snow bombs and tree debris.”

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  1. There was fresh snow (4 cm?) on Bill Milne & the Wedge Connector for skiing on Sunday so the Ribbon Creek & Village trails, when groomed & trackset, should be good, even with the tree debris.

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