“These are the ski days we live for!”

Carole and Jamie on Moraine

Thanks to Mel for supplying the title to this update. Here’s a few more…

“Exceptional conditions at West Bragg today.” -GMJ

“Great conditions and weather on the Goat Creek trail” -Caren

Upper Pocaterra

“Glorious midday ski” -Martin and Jip (WBC)

“Excellent conditions and good coverage everywhere” -Audrey (Nipika)

“Conditions are superb out there!” -Carole (PLPP)

“Snow – grooming – weather – PERFECT 22.5 km.  Life is good” -Sam

Sandie leads the way on Packers

“Tracks were in good condition, even near the end of the day” -Shulamit (WBC)

“Redearth creek groomed today….excellent conditions, lotsa snow” -Chris and Karl


Last night’s tracksetting in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park was superb. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to ski Whiskey Jack and I picked the best day.

Climbing Whiskey Jack with the sun in my eyes

I was the first skier on the trail soon after 10 a.m. There was a dusting of icing sugar in the tracks as mentioned on the Live Grooming Report. If anything, it probably helped with grip. The air and snow temperatures were both -7°C. I used VR45(-2/-8), knowing the day would only get warmer. 

The Ramblers congregate at the base of Whiskey Jack

The Pocaterra and Packers downhills were pure enjoyment.  There was nothing too frightening on the Packer’s steep hill, just a couple bumps which were easily managed. Everything seems easy when conditions are so good.

No ice floe on Packers.

Tyrwhitt has 10 cm of fresh snow with skier-set tracks which are very wobbly. That’s why I turned around and followed the new grooming. 

I also skied as far as the bench on Moraine. Some fresh snow on the trail, but the tracks were still well-defined and fast. 

Tracksetting updates

Banff: Redearth Creek was trackset as far as the 7K campground today.

Banff: Cascade Valley and Upper Bankhead were trackset yesterday. 

Yoho: Kicking Horse and Tally-Ho were trackset on Jan 17


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  1. No winds yesterday at PLPP?

    • I should have made mention, no wind. There was lots of wind on Hwy 40 but the trails were calm.

      • Given the winds en route yesterday, I opted for ribbon unfortunately. Seems it may have been one of the few windy places. Even heard reports that bill Milne was calm.

        • When I stopped at the Village on my way home, I ran into Joanne and her dog Kirby. They skied the Bill Milne trail and I specifically asked her about wind. She said it wasn’t an issue. This is a photo of Joanne from West Bragg Creek on Nov 11.

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