Canmore Nordic Centre

Cheryl had an appointment in Canmore today, so she dropped me off at the nordic centre where I found some very nice conditions mid-afternoon.

With the temperature at +2°C, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to use my waxable skis so I played it safe and settled for my Fischer twin skins. Inretrospect, I think I could have used wax because the snow was still cold.

I was curious to see what the old tracksetting was like on the natural snow on Banff trail. It was fine. A little shallow and some minor tree debris, but I’m not complaining. The trails which criss-cross between the major trails had good tracks but more tree debris. 

8-lane training grid at Canmore Nordic centre

Meadowview was in excellent shape. I discovered Coal Cut, the newer trail which runs through the meadow. 

It was snowing heavily in the vicinity of the Stoney Nakoda Resort on the way home to Calgary. The highway was icy for 10K stretch around Jumpingpound. 

Photo by Chuck

The Sandy McNabb trails have been trackset for the first time in over a month. “Trails have been groomed and tracket as conditions allow. wide variations in conditions from good to marginal, large amounts of debris are showing through in some places overall conditions are ok.”

I was thrilled to read about BillVR4U’s encounter with the wolves last night. What an incredible experience! Chuck went to the same trail today and saw the big bull elk that the wolves may have been hunting yesterday. 

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  1. Thanks for the feedback Bob and glad you enjoyed your ski! Just a heads up to anyone keen to ski at CNC this weekend that we are hosting the Alberta Winter Games which will be racing XC and Biathlon Saturday, Sunday and Monday but only on the inner / shorter competition trails so the rest of the trails will be open as normal.

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