Confederation golf course

Quote of the day from Shulamit at West Bragg Creek: “by the time I finished,  I could tell the tracks were getting chewed up by busy use.  Then again, what’s the point in having pristine tracks that no one ever skis on?”

Thanks to everyone who submtted a trip report today. It’s nice to see the consistently positive reports from around the empire. We haven’t had a lot of reports from Canmore Nordic Centre, so thanks to Barry G and Paul and Nancy for the updates. It sounds like CNC is in great shape. 

Trevor and Robyn

When I arrived at Confed around 1 pm, the air temperature was +2. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to use my waxable skis with such a warm temperature, but I waxed up with VR55(0/-3) and headed out(with skin skis on standby in the trunk). The overcast sky was in my favour. 

Astrid and her dad Mark

The snow was still cold and I had good grip most of the time. The tracks were fast but not icy. If I needed some extra grip on the hills, I simply stepped into the skating lane where the snow was softer. 

Robyn(pictured) received new skis for Christmas and was out on the snow for the second time and doing well. It’s always nice to see people taking up this wonderful activity. Astrid(pictured) is getting started at a young age. 

It started snowing around 1:30 pm but it was a short-lived snowfall. 

The parking lot is open. The warming trailer is open. See the photos below for the hours that everything is available.  

In Banff National Park, Spray River East and West were trackset today. 

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