Jasper. Photo by Sabrina

It’s rare to get a report from the trails at Jasper, so I was happy to read Sabrina’s report. In addition to her detailed comment, she included a link with 16 photos.  As I was looking at the photos, a few of them reminded me of the the Bow River Loop and Moraine Lake road.

Thanks for all the trip reports. It sounds like Pipestone is in prime shape with new tracksetting today. 

Feb 18 Confederation golf course update: “Driving range was groomed and trackset on Monday night including the 8 lanes classic training grid. The Blue, Purple and yellow loops were groomed and trackset this morning. Conditions are excellent! Only thin spots are on the northeast corner of the yellow trail as you go up the hill and the along the creek on the yellow trail just east of the bridges where some grass showing in the tracks.”

Signage at trailheads in PLPP

Snowshoers on Ski Trails

This question came in tonight from Jill but I don’t know if there is a correct answer…

“Hi SkierBob!
Where is there an official version of the ‘ski trails are for skiers only in PLPP’? Fines are possible if others are caught. There are signs where snowshoe trails intersect ski trails but if a snowshoer comes to a ski trail at a random point there is no warning. I had a rather heated discussion with some fellow snowshoers today about staying off ski trails. Arghh!”

K-Country has done a good job of installing signage at all the critical points and at the trailheads. What more can be done?

Loading up on cookies at the Boulton feeding station in the 2016 Cookie Race

Double Header Loppet Weekend

It’s unusual to have these two popular races on back-to-back days.  The Cookie Race (aka Kananaskis Ski Marathon) is on Saturday Feb 29 and the Lake Louise Loppet is on Sunday Mar 1. I don’t know if the fact that it’s a leap year had anything to do with it. It’s too early to make any weather predictions, but I noticed on the PLPP grooming report that snow shovelling will be occurring this week on Fox Creek and Moraine which are part of the Cookie Race course. 

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