Monday night update

Paradise Valley. Photo by Dana Roman

Helen Read was in Paradise Valley today and sent the this picture to me. Her skiing companion Dana Roman took the spectacular photo. See details on Helen’s trip report.

The trail to Johnston Creek cabin. Photo by Chuck

Paradise Valley ski trail branches off the Fairview trail at Lake Louise. I believe there is some avalanche risk if you go far enough so do your research before you go. 

Chuck is still finding new trails to explore. Today it was Johnston Creek in Banff National Park to the Johnston Creek cabin. This is the creek that’s upstream of the very popular Johnston Canyon hike. 

Check out all of Chuck’s beautiful photos and be sure to read the captions for the details of his trip. 

Redearth Creek in Banff was trackset for 7K today. There has been no tracksetting this winter beyond the 7K campground. 


West Bragg Creek Groomer’s Report from Boomer Groomer

A big shout out to groomers David and Bill for helping out with a big snow harvest today.


We moved about 50 yards of snow with the Kubota tractor from the Parking Lot snowbanks onto the Telephone/Hostel Access trail. This trail has seen some major ice formation with the recent warm weather and needed some remediation.

Snow should consolidate and bond with the ice overnight and with any luck we should have a nice snow bridge over the restored area by tomorrow morning. 

Conditions remain very good on the majority of the trail system. Caution is advised on a few hills, especially those with southern or western exposure.

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