More snow at West Bragg Creek

Sue and her dog Peanut on Mountain Road.

Thanks for all the trip reports. I’m happy to see people are out skiing and that we’ve got good conditions after the scary rain and ice event over the weekend. 

As JeremyN related in his report, a storm moved through this morning and deposited about 5 cm of new snow on the recent tracksetting at WBC.

The last rays of sun on Iron Springs

Other skiers had polished the tracks by the time I arrived at 3 pm. The temperature was -10°C with sunny skies and no wind. I waxed with VR40(-4/-12) and had great grip. 

I skied a 13K loop including Mountain Road, Moose Connector, West Crystal, Loggers, Elbow, Iron Springs, and Sundog East. 

Nice to see this beginner skier, Kristi, having a good time

All the downhills were still in good shape and it was easy and safe to descend with the fresh snow. 

DougB mentioned that his pole tips slipped on the buried layer of ice a few times. I also experienced this but few and far between. 

My trip got off to a good start when I met Sue and her lovely dog Peanut two minutes up Mountain Road. 


Further along, I enjoyed meeting Kristi, a beginner skier who was out for the fifth time this winter. She must be progressing well because she had just finished doing the big hill on Mountainview without incident. I took her picture at the Mountainview-Moose Connector-West Crystal junction. 

The sun disappeared as I was skiing Iron Springs at 4:30 pm and it cooled off considerably thereafter. Upon checking the weather station at the WBC trailhead as I write this, it’s now down to -19. 

West Crystal Line

Conditions should remain good this week with the cooler weather and a bit of new snow in the forecast. 

This Saturday at West Bragg Creek, it’s the fun, new event 2.4 Hours of Adrenaline. 

Registration for Saturday’s Birkie closes Wednesday at noon. 

The Kananaskis Village trails were trackset this afternoon. Also Bill Milne, Wedge, and Evan-Thomas were trackset. The trail report says conditions are good. 

At Lake Louise, the following trails were trackset today: Fairview, Townsite; Bow River Loop; Campground, Pipestone.

Lost and Found

Pete posted this: “Found someone’s favourite well frozen water bottle (From “Boss Frog’s Cycles” in Maui) at the Pocaterra/Lynx junction this afternoon. It’s waiting for you on the desk at the Pocaterra warming hut.”



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  1. I wouldn’t recommend classic skiing on the Mountain View West trail at WBC. Most track setting has been obliterated by the wind and there are a few hundred metres of trail with ice as well as dirt blown over the snow. I’m quite surprised they permitted logging within 100m of the trail.

    • The trail is actually a reclaimed logging road. It was repurposed as a ski trail once the logging was completed. Alf is better suited to describe its history and hand off from Spray Lakes Sawmills.

  2. Did a night ski this eve at WBC with my buddy TD and can attest that it sure got a lot colder than expected!! Wasn’t quite ready for that. Have to remember it’s often about 5 degrees cooler than Bragg Creek itself.

    Trails had lovely fresh snow and seemed to have been well enjoyed this afternoon and evening by lots of dogs, classic, and skate skiers. Tracks definitely need another refresh however with that hard pack right under that could be tough.

    Still it was great skiing under the stars and I highly recommend everyone try it. For night skiing it’s very quiet out there so pack extra clothing, food, and headlights plus don’t expect to go as fast or for as long as usual. every now and then just stop. Turn off your lights. And look up to the stars…

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