“Perfect ski days…the snow is cold, the sun warm and the days are longer” – Keith Bagnall

Iron Creek

Thanks for all the trip reports. The conditions this winter have been better than usual and the winning streak continues. The grooming equipment has been working a lot and occasionally needs repairs. 

Update from West Bragg Creek’s Boomer Groomer…

“All trails with the exception of Telephone have now been groomed and track set and are in wonderful condition.

Dean and Pat

What a start to the week! We have had a breakneck pace going with tons of grooming, and fixing plenty of broken machinery.

I would like to extend heaps of gratitude to Mechanics Dean and Pat for their prompt replacement of Kei 2’s transmission.”

“Dr. Peter Farran has also been on fire, helping to get all the trails groomed after our most recent snow fall. Here’s a shot he took this morning on Mountain View West…”


The Ribbon Creek snowcat is functional again. Bill Milne, Wedge, and Evan-Thomas were all groomed and trackset today. We received two very glowing trip reports. Barry G rated Bill Milne 10/10. Helen remarked… “Cold, firm & fresh tracks, despite the air temps rising above the zero mark this afternoon!” 

Maple Ridge golf course was groomed and trackset today, thanks to Judy for the info. 

Strathmore golf course is trackset. See Shulamit’s trip report for details and a photo. 

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