Sunday morning update

Morant’s curve. Photo by Peter Neumann

People will wait for hours to get a photo of the eastbound train at Morant’s Curve, sometimes unsuccessfully. Peter Neumann and Barbara, who skied Baker Creek to Protection Mountain,  sent the photos and this interesting story…

Photographers catch an eastbound train at Morant’s Curve. Photo by Peter Neumann

“After ski, drove to turnout, parked facing sun for in-car lunch. Another car soon arrived, couple got out carrying big cameras on tripods. Figured they knew when train would arrive. Turns out they had waited 2.5 hours in morning before catching westbound train. Then drove to Emerald Lake. On return trip, saw eastbound train slowly climbing away from Field. Drove to Morant’s curve, set up, train arrived about 20 minutes later.”

Strathmore golf course on Deb 27, 2018

Update Sun Feb 23 at 3:20 pm: Very happy to get this trip report from Gina regarding Strathmore golf course. “Checked out Strathmore Golf Course today. Amazing amount of snow. Tracks weren’t set but snowmobile was running around packing. No challenges but a very pleasant ski. Seems to be a big secret, only 2 other skiers there. Great place to have a quick ski close to home. Would be a wonderful place for beginners or skiers just wanting a great place to ski.” I went there many times last winter while Tessa the springer spaniel was still alive but haven’t been there this winter. It’s off-leash dog-friendly. 

Lower Lake trail in PLPP

Last night in PLPP, the usual Saturday night grooming was completed on Whiskey Jack, Packers, Upper Pocaterra and Lower Lake. If you’re parking at Boulton Creek, you should ski the Lower Lake trail if you’ve never done it before. It’s only 1K but the scenery on a sunny day is spectacular. 

Grooming at Lake Louise yesterday included Pipestone, Moraine Lake road, and Tramline. 

The trail crew at West Bragg Creek is doing their best to make the trails enjoyable for skiing. Only so much they can do when the weather is not co-operating. “Recent freeze thaw events have created icy sections in a number of areas including Mountain View, Mountain View West, Mountain Road , Telephone etc. Crews have been working to address these areas but caution is still advised especially on hills. Conditions will be variable depending on ambient temperature.”

There’s snow in the forecast starting this afternoon, mostly at higher elevations in the mountains. As usual, there’s conflicting predictions from the various forecasts. Snow Forecast is predicting 11 cm in PLPP, is predicting 3 cm, and the Weather Network is at 5 cm. The temperature at the PLPP maintenance compound at 8 a.m. was -11°C with a predicted high of -3. 

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