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Bill Milne trail. Photo by Peter Neumann

Feb 13, 2020

Peter Neumann made these remarks to go with the above photo from the Bill Milne trail… “Perfect corduroy, skater’s delight. Perfect new classic tracks, but filled in with windblown snow in open areas.”

Thanks for all the trip reports and photos. I have an update from PLPP which I’ll post later. In the mean time, let’s look at more photos which have been sent in today… 

As we’ve been reading on the trip reports, wind was a problem today. I was lucky to find a trail where there was no wind, but I saw the results of an earlier wind on Elk Pass which Helen Read was mentioning in her report.

Helen found Cheeky’s couch in the Elk Pass area and sent the photo at the side. She remarked… “Located maybe 2-3 kms below Elk Pass on descending Hydroline.  Sun awaits early afternoon!”

I believe it’s on the ungroomed Hydroline trail which goes into BC.

Mountainview West re-route

Thanks to Boomer Groomer(formerly Groomer Jeff) from West Bragg Creek for the photo and this comment…

Mountainview West re-route. Photo by Boomer Groomer

“For anyone who has been frustrated with the big, icy, windswept downhill on Mountain View West we have some good news for you! A re-route has been cleared and track set as of this afternoon.

It lies just to the west of the existing trail, and lies just leeward of a row of trees that will offer protection from wind and some solar radiation. Joe was the first to try the official opening of the new route and was pleased with the results!

It is shaping up to be one of the best weeks ever for skiing in Bragg Creek. Ample amounts of snow, all freshly groomed and mild temperatures for the weekend. Hope to see you on the trails.”

Thanks to Peter Neumann for the below photos on the Bill Milne trail…

Svenja enjoying first tracks on Bill Milne this morning. She’s the assistant butcher at the Banff Springs Hotel. If you have some charcuterie there, she likely made it.

L to R  Michael, Barbara and Svenja. Michael is the chef at the Grapes restaurant in the Banff Springs Hotel.

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