A skier is born!

Thanks to Steve Riggs for the photo and this report from West Bragg Creek…

“We took our 4 year old granddaughter to WBC after lunch for her first time on real skis (not the strap onto snowboot kind). Good fun, she had a great time! We didn’t get far, but found that our waxless fishscales and skin skis worked pretty well. REALLY busy out there- just like before the new parking lot was built, with cars lined up along the road. After circling the main lot fruitlessly for a while, we ended up squeezing into the equestrian parking. So, if grooming really is done for in the Kananaskis Valley- maybe Alberta Parks will have to look at further expanding the parking at WBC. So much for saving money.”

I was hoping for a good opportunity to post another photo from Steve. Below is a photo which Steve entered in one of our contests a few years ago(and one of my all-time favourites)….

Steve Riggs and daughter in spring 1987 on the Chester-Sawmill trails

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  1. Sat, March 21st. Arrived to West Bragg late & started skiing 4pm…started on Moose outer loop but a ways up a woman advised that there were some icy/dicy sections so turned around & had a good ski on west & east crystal.

    Lots of folks were driving away as I was driving in…the lot must have been full at one point as there were vehicles parked on one side of the road…I guess if the government doesn’t reverse their decision to stop grooming we’ll have overcrowded parking lots & ski trails to look forward to. #protectskiingparksalberta #protectourparksalberta

    Disappointing folks not picking up dog poo right bedside the trail!

    Got interviewed by Global News & made a plug for ski grooming…might have made the 11pm news but I don’t get the news so let me know. Cheers

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