An outhouse that’s open!

March 22, 2020

Chuck took the above photo at the Cascade Valley trailhead today, better known as the Lake Minnewanka parking lot. Chuck remarked, “NB Line Ups at the trailhead outhouses, but they are open and hand sanitizer available.” See all Chuck’s photos. 

Confederation golf course is now closed

Have we ever experienced better conditions throughout the winter at the city golf courses? Thanks to all the volunteers who worked diligently to groom the trails and farm the snow at Confed and Shaganappi. Carol sums it up with this comment…

Confederation golf course on Jan 8, 2020

“I went for a lovely, final skate ski at Confederation Golf Course today, the last day of operations. I’m sad to see it come to an end, but I am so grateful for having had this in-the-city, close-to-home ski oasis all season long. A huge thank you to the Calgary Nordic Alliance, and many volunteers for an amazing job, and keeping it skiable even during Chinooks. I know from seeing the many people of all ages and abilities using the trails that you have provided a valuable service to thousands of Calgarians!”

Update from Golden Nordic Ski Club

“While everything else is shutting down, we will be grooming daily until March 30, and when we can after that. We have a great snowpack so let’s keep skiing as long as we can! 

The Dawn Mt. Chalet is closed completely, with no staff, no programs, lessons, or phone service. After today, no washroom facilities, but the outhouse at Owl’s Roost Cabin is available for emergencies. Please don’t pee right beside the Chalet!”

Below is another photo from Chuck from March 19, also at Cascade Valley, demonstrating social distancing. 

Social Distancing with 2 metres apart. Photo by Chuck


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  1. It’s time to thank Parks Canada for their balanced decisions to facilitate our outdoor recreation in these trying times. Supporting the mental health of Canadians is an essential service. If we all remember to practice cleanly practices, we can get through this together. Carry your hand sanitizer with you, and use it.

    • …and social distancing. Chuck, was really happy to see that caption (not sure if it was you or Bob) but that is absolutely key to keeping outdoor facilities open. if we start getting pics like the river valley stairs in YEG or parks outside of YVR with folks huddled together we could be looking at a decision to shut things down. Just got notice that the Appalachian trail society is asking people not to start thru hikes and US national parks out west have closed. articles in Canadian media on people not getting msg about social distancing. Out at Canmore nordic i’ve seen groups huddled together, skiing side by side, crowds at picnic tables (i was guilty of that once until i caught myself). I’m immune compromised so i have a larger stake in this, but from personal observation, i’d say a lot of the x-country ski community around here has the same issue.
      Hand sanitizer is important, but it’s also the least/bare minimum of what we need. Some thoughts
      – signs at trailheads and parking lots reinforcing the social distance msg with illustration
      – one person or family per picnic table, if someone else is there don’t join
      – outdoor bathroom rules? #1 only (unless you’re prepared to dig through snow and then through ground), get X metres off trail,

  2. I was surprised to see the public washroom was open at Lake Louise today. Parks Canada website says all visitor services are closed and I read somewhere that meant “anything with a door”. In my opinion a heavily used public washroom breaks the ‘social distancing’ rule – there is too much possibility of contact. Also the outhouse at MLR is open – not sure if there is hand sanitizer there.

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