Luck o’ the Irish

Baker Creek tracksetter. Photo by Chuck

Thanks to Chuck, we know where there should be some excellent skiing tomorrow. The Castle to Baker trail is an incredibly scenic trail with easy access. The trail has been christened the “double-hump trail” by Helen Read due to the two small hills.

He’s somewhat averse to having his photo posted, but I can get away with it once a year, so March 17 is a good opportunity to acknowledge our own skiing leprechaun, Chuck O’Callahan.

Chuck’s trip reports keep us informed and entertained throughout the season. Some of his excursions seem daunting, and the destinations are unreachable for most of us, but we sure enjoy reading about them and seeing all the photos. Leprechauns obviously possess special powers and abilities which we mere mortals can’t ever hope to attain.

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park update

Lots of grooming was completed today in PLPP, but it will be the last we see for a while…

“A grooming machine was loaned to Peter Lougheed park over the last few days to help out while our machine is out of service. Grooming shifts /schedules were altered due to the larger dimensions of this machine and we did not follow our regular routine. Please be advised that we are expecting to miss a number of shifts until parts and repairs can be made.”

Corona Virus closures

The Canmore Nordic Centre is still open for skiing, but the daylodge is closed.

All visitor services in National Parks will be shut down effective March 19. In Banff, that includes the Cave and Basin, Upper Hot Springs and visitor centres, among others. Parks Canada will limit its activities to basic critical operations and many staff will work from home. Visitor facilities will be closed temporarily, including washrooms and day-use facilities. Read more

On the Lake Louise section of the Banff trail report, it mentions “Cross country trails will no longer be maintained.”

Below is a newspaper article from the early nineties which is relevant today(click for a larger image)….

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  1. In Alberta, everyone who operates a snowmobile on public land must: … Wear a safety-approved helmet

    C’mon man!

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