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Sun Mar 8 at 9 a.m: Breaking news from Chuck… “The Banff Track Setter has just started tracksetting the Spray River trails this morning. Perfect timing after all this snow. And now you have an extra hour to enjoy it!”

It was a pleasure to read so many trip reports and see the photos which were attached. I wish I was there.

Skogan Pass. Photo by Nick

The Kananaskis Village trails are being trackset as I write this at 7:20 pm. Tracksetter Jeff sent the above photo and made these remarks…

“it’s -10°C and 15cm of cold snow at 6 pm. Winter is back in the Kananaskis. This could be the last week of these kind of conditions.”

Goat Creek bridge. Photo by Chuck

“This could be the last week” may have a double meaning but I remain confident that we’ll still have tracksetting in Kananaskis next winter. 

Thanks to Nick for the Skogan Pass photo. WillR was there also, and made this comment… “Whatever you are planning, think about changing plans and go ski Skogan. Powder over fresh trackset. Perfect climbing, enough powder on the downhills for wonderful control and almost no snowplough. You will never see it better than this.”

It looks like lots of skiers were enjoying Goat Creek and Spray River. To see for yourself, check out Chuck’s photos. 

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