Sunday update


The photo from Chuck shows the unique three-print diagonal tracks of a wolverine. See all Chuck’s photos from his L’il Pipestone Cabin trip yesterday.

West Bragg Creek: “3 cm of snow overnight has been track set on core trails. Get out and get it while you can and remember to be thoughtful of others by keeping 2m of social distancing, and stay home if you are displaying symptoms of COVID -19.”

Molar mountain. Photo by Chuck

MaSid has already reported from K-Country this morning… “Ribbon Creek parking lot: “3 inches of fresh and -12 this morning at 8AM.”

The temperature at the PLPP maintenance compound at 7 a.m. was -13°C. There will be 7+ cm of fresh snow on the trails in PLPP.

Mt Shark trails were groomed last night. It seems like the borrowed snowcat has a mind of its own and the tracksetting will have some unique features…

Social distancing at West Bragg Creek. Photo by Alf Skrastins

“While the PLPP snowcat awaits parts and repairs, a borrowed snowcat is spending Saturday night grooming all trails at Mt Shark. By the time the shift changed at midnight, the full 15k loop had been groomed and trackset, as well as the biathlon area. Heavy snow moved in to the Mt Shark area just before dark, and dropped a solid 5cm’s in about 2 hours; at half past midnight, no snow had fallen for about 2 hours. 

Mountain road at WBC on Mar 22. Photo by Boomer Groomer

Use extra caution on the new tracksetting, as the borrowed snowcat has some hydraulic gremlins, causing the tiller to stick both up and down, and side to side (the track pans also randomly rise in the air). There will be a few places were the set track disappears for a few feet, as well as some extra sharp parts on curves or waggles in the tracksetting- because of these issues much less downhill track was set than normal on the 15k loop. Watridge Lake Trail is being groomed in the early hours of Sunday morning- check back for updates.”

Social Distancing

I hope everyone in the SkierBob universe is doing okay during this pandemic. Alf Skrastins offers some insight into the large numbers of vehicles in parking lots…. “Part of the reason that the parking lot was full is that many people drove separately, rather than car pooling. Once on the trails people kept a safe distance, even when stopping to chat.” Check out all  Alf’s social distancing photos from West Bragg Creek. 

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