West Bragg Creek keeps on winning

Winter Wonderland at WBC on Nov 11, 2019

“The best that I can remember in 30 years” – Steve Riggs

This upslope storm is reminding me of early November when West Bragg was receiving the lion’s share of the snow, while places like Banff and Lake Louise were getting only small amounts. Everyone who submitted a photo was rightly calling it “Winter Wonderland.”

Storm Warnings have been issued for most of the SkierBob universe. 

Averaging the predictions from the various forecasts(Windy.com, Mountain-forecast.com, Snow-forecast.com, Weather Network), here’s what we can expect by Saturday night, in cm:

  • West Bragg Creek 21
  • Kananaskis Village 17
  • Strathmore 17
  • Calgary 15
  • Canmore 12
  • PLPP 11
  • Banff 11
  • Lake Louise 5
  • Golden 5
  • Yoho 4

The sun is high in the sky now, so I don’t know if the snow will survive the warm temperatures on Monday and Tuesday with highs around +4°C.  With night time lows around -12/-14, it’s possible that we could get a good week of skiing. 

As always at this time of year, temperatures will be a little cooler in PLPP and Lake Louise. 

If you haven’t yet read it, it’s a well-articulated response from the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association to the Alberta government regarding grooming in Kananaskis.

The World Cup races at Canmore Nordic Centre have been cancelled so the parking situation is back to normal. 

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