Who did what today?

Moraine Lake road. Photo by Chuck

We know Chuck was skiing at Moraine Lake road with beautiful new tracksetting. See Chuck’s photos.

I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who contacted the media people(from my previous post) and what came of it. I can’t access Canadian TV or radio except online, so send a link to any stories which were the result of all this.

Stephanie Thomas from CTV asked me to remove her name and contact info because she was getting lots of calls long after she had produced a story for TV tonight.

I am too preoccupied to think clearly right now, so thanks to everyone for stepping up and contacting the media. 

Helen Yuen sent this link to David Bell’s CBC online story: Park funding slammed


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  1. It’s very satisfying to tell a real human about your opposition to the funding cuts for Alberta Parks! Call AB Environment and Parks directly at 780-427-2391 on your lunch break, and keep those letters going too!

  2. Early today someone posted on one of the blogs –
    Trip reports or ask a question- a List of Politicians address is to send our comments

    I can’t find it anywhere? help please- I want to send things everywhere

    I think the important thing is that the pressure stays on.
    Letters, twitter, phone calls, petitions ( facebook).
    The government has to provide other alternatives like user pay. I bet most skiers would gladly pay for the quality skiing we have in the park.

  3. I sent a note to CBC Eyeopener last night. They did an excellent piece this morning:


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