Wonderful snow on the final day of winter

Wedge Connector

It’s the first day of spring tomorrow. The last time spring arrived this early was in 1896 — 124 years ago! It’s usually on March 20 and occasionally March 21. 

I was heading to PLPP to ski on yesterday’s new tracksetting, but stopped at Evan-Thomas to check the snow conditions.


To  my surprise, the trail had new tracksetting and looked to be inprime condition. Not even any footprints! (They walked on the Wedge this time)

The Live Grooming Report didn’t show the new grooming, but if I had read the remarks, the fresh tracksetting wouldn’t have been a surprise. I skied on excellent conditions on Evan-Thomas, Wedge Connector, and Bill Milne. 

Bill Milne trail

The air temperature was zero but the snow was still cold enough for wax. VR50(0/-4) worked well for most of the loop except for a few places which had prolonged sun exposure. 

After completing the 7K loop I skied as far as the golf course on Bill Milne. I then drove to Kananaskis Village and did a loop on excellent conditions there.  The trails have 2-3 cm of fresh snow on the recent tracksetting. 

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