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  1. Right you are Sid! I’ve been out on the bike quite a bit lately, mostly on city pathways in the NW, which are far busier than normal. Funny (actually, not!) how the powers that be think that squeezing city dwellers into tighter spaces is a better strategy, than having at least a proportion of them spread out in our so-called public lands.
    On a positive note- two sure signs of spring yesterday: I rode comfortably in shorts, and spotted my first crocus of the year on a sunny Bowmont park hillside.

    • Interestingly enough, and a nice bonus, people seem to be using the pathways as they were intended in terms of keeping to the right by virtue of thinking about social distance.

  2. Yep. On a plus note, the bike riding season is afoot (-:

  3. It’s time to isolate the vulnerable, and let the rest get back to work(and go camping).

    • The young man in Okotoks that is only 19 and nearly died (he holds the distinction of being the youngest in ICU due to Covid) would not have been considered one of the vulnerable. Yet he nearly lost his life. Aren’t we all vulnerable?

      • We should and must protect the most vulnerable but we also need to find a balance. Taking a wilderness walk or ski in nature while abiding by social distancing rules doesn’t seem like an excessive risk. Common sense needs to play a part if we’re going to be successful.

        • So true, KM. Surprisingly, especially on this ski site, I have not seen anyone weighing in on the golfers wanting the courses open. I should have said in my post “Aren’t we all vulnerable, even golfers?”. Maybe we are just not aggressive enough. 🙂 There, that ought to open up a can of worms.

      • The young man had a seriously compromised immune system from mononucleosis, which made him far more susceptible to infection than “average”.

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