Thanks for the tracks

April 1, 2020

Where would we be without the guys and gals who spend hours on their snowmobiles and snowcats, grooming the trails for us, at ungodly hours, sometimes exposed to extreme cold? We’d be plowing through some pretty deep snow.

Canmore Nordic Centre. Photo by Chris McKenna

It never fails to get me excited when I arrive at a trailhead and see new tracks. We’re very fortunate to have dedicated tracksetters who take a lot of pride in their work and make the trails so enjoyable for us.  All skiers are thankful for the excellent work and all the up-to-the-minute reports which you’ve given us.

Tracksetter Jody with chainsaw

Back on Nov 25 at the Pocaterra hut, I encountered PLPP tracksetter Jody heading out on a snowmobile to do some early-season tree-clearing and roller-packing with chain saw and shovel in tow. I suggested that we should call him “Chainsaw Jody.” Little did I know that one month later, the chainsaw would be in daily use on all the trails to clear trees after the Dec 20-22 snow and ice storm. 

I’ve posted photos below, but I’d like to mention the names of those I know about, but don’t have pictures…

Linda – Shaganappi golf course

Jamie Grant – Confederation golf course

Adam Aldridge – Canmore Nordic Centre

Stephane Wiseman – Canmore Nordic Centre

I hope the people who are missing from the gallery of photos will send me a picture.


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  1. Thanks for all your hard work! We had a great winter!

  2. Thanks for all the tracks, they were awesome!!

  3. Thanks for all the great grooming this season!!

  4. Thank you so much – you will be missed greatly.

  5. To all the groomers – Thanks for the great work you tirelessly do at all hours of the day to bring enjoyment to so many people!

  6. This is a great post to see Bob. I’m extremely grateful for the work the groomers do at all hours of the day to keep the tracks in great condition. They all deserve a BIG THANK YOU!!

  7. Many thanks to everyone who works so hard to give us safe trails to ski on!

  8. Too bad a bunch of them are about to lose their jobs.

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