Biking the ski trails: Elk Pass

Yesterday I updated everyone regarding Redearth Creek. Back on Aug 24, I biked Elk pass in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park on a beautiful summer day and was even lucky enough to encounter a bear. 

Top of the first big hill on Elk Pass

I am optimistic that we will have groomed trails on which to ski in PLPP this winter. All indications are that an announcement will be made soon. I understand there are a few proposals on the table and the government is deciding which one it will accept. Whatever transpires, I expect we will be paying a fee to ski in PLPP this winter. 

Some maintenance has been completed over the summer on the Fox Creek trail. 

I hope we’ll be skiing to the top of Elk Pass on groomed trails this winter

At 5.5K along Elk Pass, I saw the results of the work which was done in the swampy area a few years ago. The trail was raised and ditches were excavated in order to expedite runoff. This improvement isn’t so noticeable in the winter, but is very prominent and welcome for hikers and bikers. When I biked through this spot a few years ago, I was in a swamp. Now it’s high and dry. 

After reaching the top of the pass, I biked down into Elk Lakes Provincial Park in BC for as far as bikes are allowed. It was along here where I encountered a bear on the trail in front of me. I simply spoke in a calm voice and asked the bear to let me go by, and it graciously complied, watching me from the side of the trail as I rode past. 


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  1. A note on bears: seems to be a bumper berry crop this year with many bears in the area still actively feeding down in valley bottoms and open areas. Just got back from a week of camping and saw 4 bears over that time (none of which were in the back country), including a big fat healthy one that walked right by my hammock one eve without making a sound! Two weeks ago managed to spot 8 different grizzlies beside the road just on the drive to the trail head (two moms each with 3 cubs). More than usual, but good to see a healthy thriving population. With the fall crunchiness, you can at least hear them in the bush when moving around if paying attention. Be on the lookout, especially if biking open trails as they don’t necessarily associate the sound of a bike with humans and may even be curious about the odd noise.

  2. Hi Bob
    Did you see any other cyclists on the trail? I’m thinking of doing the same trail you did and solo. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few others but not more. I enjoy solo rides and skis.
    Rhonda W

  3. Rode this section over the summer on my way from Canmore to Sparwood. So beautiful up there. We didn’t see a bear, but lots of “evidence” of bears. Thanks for sharing Bob!

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