Forecast: A cold and snowy winter

Update Oct 12: Overnight snow. The photo below is from a West Bragg Creek resident:

Update Oct 12: The photo below is from the West Bragg Creek web cam:

West Bragg Creek on Oct 12, 2020

Oct 11, 2020:

I don’t put much faith in the long-term forecasts of the Farmer’s Almanac, but for this winter I hope they’re correct.

It looks like the snow is going to start tomorrow(Monday). After laying dormant for six months, I’ve revived a few of my favourite weather bookmarks. As you can see in the image, is forecasting 33 cm for Lake Louise. is predicting 9 cm and the Weather Network expects 18 cm. Let’s see who is correct. Last winter, was the most accurate most of the time. 

Elk Pass should receive some snow over the next few days as well. is predicting 26 cm over the next five days. Snow-Forecast predicts 19 cm and the Weather Network expects 12 cm. 

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