Guess the trail 2020

Guess the trail Photo #1

Everybody’s guessing about something much more important, but just hang on for a few more hours. It would appear that CBC let the cat out of the bag on the Eyeopener this morning. I’m going to respect Alberta Parks’ wishes and not say anything until the official announcement later today. I’ll try to fill in the void with some beautiful photos. 

We usually play “Guess the trail” in mid-October, but the early snow had us preoccupied with actual skiing on the trails. How many can you identify? Do you notice a recurring theme among this set of photos? 

There’s an identifying feature in all these pictures from last winter. They’re numbered from 1-12. Leave your guess in the comments. 


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  1. Theme is all the trails are in Kananaskis and were in danger of not being groomed and trackset this season. With the work spearheaded by Nordiq Alberta, we will once again be able to enjoy these trails on groomed/tracked conditions at bargain rates.

    Congratulations, Jan. I’m glad to see someone figured this out. -Bob

  2. #12 is Pocaterra, just past the Lynx junction heading west

    And here is the news about it:

  3. #1 Bill Milne

    Correct! -Bob

    #12 is the only one which hasn’t been guessed. I thought it would be one of the easiest. -Bob

  4. #1 Skogan

    Nope. The unique mountain you see when you look south should be a giveaway. -Bob

  5. Kananaskis trails
    I think I got most of them but I did have to guess a few
    #1 Terrace
    #2 Whiskey Jack
    #3 Elk Pass
    #4 Tyrwhitt
    #5 Mount Shark
    #6 Hay Meadows
    #7 Ribbon Creek
    #8 Lynx
    #9 Skogan Pass
    #10 Pocaterra
    #11 Packers
    #12 Lynx

    Good job. 10 out of 12 correct. #1 and #12 are incorrect. #8 is actually “Link” but you have the right idea. -Bob

  6. #2, Whiskey Jack/Pocattera junction
    #4, Tyrwhitt
    #7, Hydroline

    You’re off to a pretty good start with two out of three correct. -Bob

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