Snowy update

The birth of Frozen Thunder

Frozen Thunder at the Canmore Nordic Centre opens on Monday, October 19. Thanks to Robin at CNC for the photos. 

Smoothing out Frozen Thunder

The track length is generally 2 km with additional snow lanes available for biathlon shooting range users. 

With the colder temperatures predicted for next week, the conditions should be terrific. 

Frozen Thunder reserved track times are from 7 am until noon. Recreational skiers can access the track from 12 noon onward with a day pass or an early season pass required until 5pm.

Bruce Johnson provided this link to Frozen Thunder – know before you go.  This article is mostly aimed at the competitive skiers who are accessing the track between 7 am – 12 noon. 

Moraine Lake road on Oct 13. Photo by Chuck

Early Bird sale: Season passes to the Canmore Nordic Centre which take effect on Nov 14 are 10% off during October and can be purchased online.

At the right is a photo which was taken yesterday at the Moraine Lake Road trailhead by Chuck. As you can see, the road is closed to vehicle traffic. Chuck came prepared with both skis and his bike. There wasn’t enough snow for skiing but he had a nice bike ride. 

People might be skiing on MLR on Saturday. is predicting 28 cm to fall on Friday. Other forecasts are predicting lesser amounts. Whatever the amount, it should stick around with the sub-zero temperatures which follow for the coming week.

Grooming of the snow on Moraine Lake road usually starts in early November. 

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