The neighbour in the white house

Mountain View east at WBC. Photo by Steve Riggs

Update Oct 28: New information has surfaced from the city of Calgary regarding city golf courses which conflicts with the info given to the skier below. The city is now saying they will let us know when the golf courses are ready for skiing. 

Important message from the city of Calgary.

Thanks for all the trip reports. It looks like conditions were excellent, even on ungroomed trails. We have 16 reports already from nine different venues. All are informative and interesting, and a few are funny. Steve Riggs’ photos from WBC are remarkable.

Kudos to G for following through on the Maple Ridge golf course issue. G talked to the city and was assured that the golf course is open for skiing, but they didn’t say if access would be made more convenient. “Right now the hole in the fence in the alley is the best access.”

The neighbour at Maple Ridge in the white house is creating quite a reputation for himself. As Herbert Kruschke remarked, “Ah yes, the neighbor in the white house… I too have felt his wrath. Maybe he should take up woodworking or some such.”

Spring Creek trails at Cypress Hills

I was thrilled to get Courtney Tripp’s report from Cypress Hlls…

“Fantastic day at the Spring Creek Trails in Cypress Hills Provincial Park. -12 and sunny. Skier packed. Great to see so many friends out so early!”

A rocky section on Ridgetop trail

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that I frequently visit my brother in Medicine Hat and I enjoy skiing at Cypress Hills which is close by. Last winter I skied all the trails over a four day stretch on very good conditions.

Cypress Hills last summer

One of the trails at Cypress Hills, Ridgetop,  had a lot of rocks on a steep hill where I had to remove my skis. I went back this summer with my bike, leather gloves, and a pry bar and removed 5500 rocks from the entire length of the 7K trail. Yes, fifty-five hundred! The pry bar was only required on about 1% of those. Most of the rocks were on the steep hill over a 400 metre distance. Now, even with a low snow pack, it might be skiable. 

The groomer at Cypress Hills has been given the green light to groom the trails when the snow depth is sufficient. He uses an old Pisten-Bully that was originally used at Ribbon Creek. 

I received an update from Warren Smith who grooms the Little Red trails near Olds, AB. He’s already been packing a few of the trails and gave this warning…

“If you are skiing in November, we advise that you wear bright colours, as that is hunting season.”

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  1. Neighbour at Maple Ridge in the white house
    He could be upset because i have seen parking in the back alley blocking access to his and neighbours garage. When there is lots of snow there is only one lane to drive down. so if you want to use that access point park on the street not in the alley.

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