Welcome to ski season in the SkierBob domain.

Oct 26, 2020: Welcome to all the new readers and trip reporters on this blog. I usually go through some “instructions” for our new readers before skiing starts but we’ve been too busy talking about all the good skiing.

The Trip Reports page is the first place to look in the morning when you’re trying to decide where to go. A first-hand account from someone who’s been there is the best information. The next place is the Live Grooming Reports, but they have not been functioning yet this winter. The early snow caught everyone by surprise.

If you want to read previous reports about specific trails, on the sidebar there’s a long list of trails under Places to Ski.

If you’d like to know how difficult a trail is, under the Resources tab you can check Ray’s Trail Steepness or Risto’s Hill Pain Score. Skiing Skogan Pass to the summit, or Kananaskis Fire Lookout to the top, are two big accomplishments. Some trails are difficult without necessarily being steep, such as Goat creek, so it’s good to research them before going there.

Also under Resources you can find out where to take Ski Lessons or watch videos of people skiing on our favourite trails. 

If you are wondering about something, post your question on the Ask a Question, Leave a comment page. I started a new page for this. The old page had 1374 comments!


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  1. With respect to the Live Grooming Reports, I’m wondering if the company that provides the service has gone out of business. The security certificate for their website https://skitrails.info/ expired 2 months ago and their home page doesn’t even display their map. I tried phoning them, but the call gets forwarded to another number with a generic “no one can take your call right now” voice mail prompt. Perhaps someone from West Bragg or the Nordic Centre can clarify what the situation is?

  2. You have created an incredible resource Bob! I have followed you for years. Anytime I meet someone new who xcountry skis my first question is -where do they love to ski? My second question is always-do you follow SkierBob?
    Thanks for all the work that goes into this-very much appreciated!

    Thanks, Jenn! I’m glad I could facilitate creating this awesome XC skiing community. -Bob

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