What about Ribbon Creek and Mt Shark?

Skiing the Wedge Connector on Feb 7, 2018

The following comment was submitted by Jamie Carpenter:

If the effort to preserve trail grooming in Kananaskis is successful I certainly hope it will not be limited to PLPP. This summer and fall’s huge spike in trail use would suggest that grooming at Ribbon Creek and Mt. Shark – in addition to PLPP – will be vital to meeting demand.

More than any previous year, access to abundant, reliable and safe winter trails will be essential to the health and well being of Albertans.

The tourism aspect of these trails is evidenced by the two tour buses of skiers from Regina, SK at the Mt Shark parking lot. 

The importance of these trails to youngsters is shown by the two school buses full of kids. 

From the 40 photos below, it should be self-evident that the Ribbon Creek/Kananaskis Village/Bill Milne/Skogan Pass trails, as well as Mt Shark are well-used by thousands of skiers every winter. 


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  1. Last year Mount Shark parking lot was always full. I wrote my MLA and received a “form” email back. Very disappointing. With COVID and financial burdens cross country skiing remains one of the cheaper options for many. And I agree there is a danger of people going off and not knowing where the trail is, heck even I could get turned around in PLPP. LOL and I’ve been skiing there for years. I’m wondering if Kananaskis search and rescue could make an argument with the government? I’m too old to break trail anymore so I do hope we get grooming back. Fingers crossed.

  2. Judging by the XC ski sales at the Norseman this Autumn, I think XC skiing will be the “go to” activity this winter!!!

  3. A great point by Jamie. Will be interesting to see how the increased demand experienced this summer translates to winter. Although anecdotal info, the above is very useful. Documenting what happens this winter, regardless of grooming outcome, also probably useful. I’ll be adapting my reports to include such if experiencing different participation levels on the trails, groomed or otherwise. One thing I noticed this summer, that is a testament to the number of new users, was the number of people I ran into (at least one every time I was out) who were quite off with their navigation, starting in the wrong spot/parking lot or taking the wrong turn and generally not knowing where they were but keen on going to some specific spot. Definately more than prior years. Hopefully that will not result in issues this winter with lost people, but Kananaskis public safety will be busy is my guess, especially if no grooming (more chances of wandering off route or just following some skier set track). Maybe a lot of the anticipated savings will be taken up with rescue resources. So regardless of any immediate decisions this season, let’s keep at it for future seasons and safety.

  4. If that’s the case, then fee revenue should cover cost of grooming, all other things being equal, e.g., availability of machinery, etc. Suggest contacting Nordic Alberta and getting involved.

    • I agree with you, Jamie. Could we also add Sandy McNabb to your list, tho? Such a great place to ski when snow is plentiful and it would take some of the burden off WBC. Since last March, so many people (judging by the line up of cars that go by our house) have discovered this area. It is multi-use, and, in certain areas where you are on Crown land, dog friendly (although, I had a few encounters with people who were unaware and very vocal), and, during week, so quiet and blissful. Sandy is the last to be groomed and we are thankful if it is done twice a season but even at that, I would hate to see it end. On a recent hike, there were a few trees laying across trail (Death Valley is appropriately named) so could be lethal if not attended to. Hopefully, if Sandy is on grooming list, all will be taken care of and those wanting a quieter, more rustic ski, will come out to enjoy this beautiful area.

      • You’re right Sheila, Sandy McNabb can be a really nice place to ski. Like every other corner of Kananaskis, it’s bound to be a very popular place this winter. AB Parks needs to be ready.

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