755 season passes sold to date

Thanks to Nordiq Alberta for supplying the above statistics. The donations from individuals demonstrates the commitment of xc skiers to this issue. The 755 passes sold to date are all season passes. 

This campaign is off to a good start but if you do the math, there’s still a long way to go to reach the $200,000 goal. 

Remember the email I received from Gaetan Turmel from Quebec City? He and his wife spend about a month here every winter. He sent another email last night…

“Hi Bob, I’m so happy of this happy conclusion. I tried to get a season pass, but had to write a licence plate number. Because we rent a car when spending time out west, I for sure don’t know that number.  I’d have liked to show a tangible support to that project. Anyway, I’ll buy one when in Canmore in january or february. Have fun with that early snow cover!”

Below is an excerpt from his Sept 2 email…

“I roughly estimate that we spend between 7000-9000$ every winter in Alberta, not counting plane tickets. We rent a car, a condo, buy groceries, gas, go to restaurants and get other conveniences. Without a diversified and appealing offer of ski trails, it will be goodby to Crazy Weed, Iron Goat, Communitea, Sage Bistro, Nourish Café, Rocky Mountain Bagel, Arts Place and others.”


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  1. Mike W, Jim, Bob et al. Know that your comments and questions are being read and considered. But there are legal and ethical issues here , and FOIP legislation of course. I am only a volunteer here, like many others, and certainly not at liberty to release documents without approval. Please be patient.

    • Just to be clear, I would hope that the comments are good natured and that Ken doesn’t feel unduly set upon. I think many people have questions but I would say the overwhelming sentiment is that we are largely happy with the ability to maintain these services throughout Kananaskis.
      As was said last week more than 7k people wrote letters/notes to the government and requested this solution. So now it is time to pony up and put our money where our mouth is.
      Along with that, ongoing support and patience for the people like Ken who got fully involved.

      Thanks again.

  2. Goals are always a better way to motivate people.
    If we are looking for 200k how about we have a counter on the Nordiq website?
    I mean technically there are 7k members of that club alone…


    – Yes btw I already bought mine.

  3. In a perfect world, where everyone is buying a pass, what would happen to excess $ raised above and beyond the cost of grooming? Does it all go back to Alberta Parks (government) or does Nordiq and maybe other ski clubs benefit from monies raised?

    • Jim, how about stashing it away in a reserve fund for the following year’s costs? If it was a large enough surplus, perhaps it could go towards increased frequency of grooming. In any event, it would be a nice problem to have.

      • Good idea! There are several comments on SkierBob with unanswered questions about the arrangement between Nordiq Alberta and the government. Bob, could you ask Ken Hewitt how we can get a copy of the agreement?

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