Back Door: only two more days

Thank you to everyone who has submitted trip reports. We welcome new contributors to the Trip Reports page, so leave us a first-hand account of your day on the ski trail. 

Sunday and Monday will be the final two days for accessing the upper trails in PLPP through the Back Door. The barricade goes across Highway #40 on Dec 1, so make sure your vehicle is not stuck in the Back Door Parking lot for the next six months. 

Chateau tracksetter Jeff

Chateau Tracksetter Jeff has been putting in long days with the shovel, snowmobile and tracksetter and seems to be bringing a new trail on line daily. Today it was the Shoreline trail. Take note, that’s not the trail on the lake. Yesterday he trackset Fairview but made it clear that it’s still rough. Jeff is very prompt with his updates which I post on the Groomer’s Reports. 

The Chateau Lake Louise is responsible for grooming the “upper” trails at Lake Louise which includes Fairview, Upper Tramline, Lakeshore, Lake Louise, Peyto, and Upper Telemark. 

Kananaskis Grooming Updates

Mountainview trail at West Bragg Creek. Photo by Steve Riggs

Now that we no longer have the Live Grooming Reports, the Alberta Parks website is the one to check for Kananaskis grooming updates. It’s on the main menu under Trail Reports>Kananaskis>PLPP(or Ribbon Creek, or Mt Shark). I have a feeling the tracksetters now have access to this page because the reports are already there in the early morning. 

There is no snow in the forecast for the SkierBob domain. The trails we have available for skiing are pretty typical for this time of year and will be all we have for the near future. 

We were teased with a week of great skiing at West  Bragg Creek in late October but as you can see in Steve’s photo, those days are over. Steve recommends biking at WBC. 

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